Should You Pay Your Employees if You Close Your Business Due To Inclement Weather

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Blog

We have had a series of snowstorms across the country and here in Georgia, the snow and resulting icy roads have caused the closing of businesses and schools. As an employer, the question remains: whether you should pay your employees if you close your business due to inclement weather.
The answer is: it depends! Employers do not have to pay HOURLY non-exempt employees for hours that are not worked. However, as a business incentive (to keep morale or retain employees) employers may allow such employees to use sick, vacation, or PTO time, but are not required to do so under the law. Employers are NOT permitted, however, to deduct pay for hours/days not worked for SALARIED exempt employees and must provide such employees their regular salaries if they work any part of the week.